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Italia Kitchen Group has been, over the years, not just a dealer but, thanks to the hard work of the entire team, also a 360-degree service provider for those involved in the food and hospitality sector.
The kitchen, better known as our “training room”, is one of these services.
The spacious and fully equipped kitchen, located in the new Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road’s office, is available for hire on a part time basis, or by the hour.
We offer a modern, practical and fully-equipped space for cookery workshops, tastings, training sessions and recipe development for chefs, restaurant managers, technicians, companies and individuals.
It can also be the perfect location for corporate events like team building activities or photos and video shoots for photographers and video makers.
Our equipment are the top of the market, the same equipment you can find in the best restaurant and club of the UAE like Vault in JW Marriott Marquise Hotel, Toro Toro in Grosvenor House, Sapori di Bice and Roberto’s Abu Dhabi.

We offer a fully equipped space, suitable for different purposes:

92 sqm kitchen
– Electrolux Therma-line cooker equipped with: burner gas top, full surface induction cookers, pasta cookers, fryers and free cooking tops.

Electrolux Oven

Electrolux air-o-steam blends tradition with the latest technological research in order to satisfy the creativity and working requirements of today’s professional kitchen.

Electrolux Blast Chiller

For 6 GN1/1 or 600x400mm trays. Up-to 9 ice cream basins 5kg (mm 165x360x125h). 18 levels, pitch 20mm.Load capacity: chilling 30 kg freezing 25 kg (UK guidelines). Main components in 304 AISI stainless steel. Internal rounded corners and drain.Built-in refrigeration unit. Cruise cycle for fully automatic blast chilling with food probe. Automatic detection of food probe insertion. Automatic and Manual defrost

Sigma Pizza Spinner SPZ40

This model of Pizza press SPZ 40 made by Sigma is optimal for qualitative and quick handling of pizza dough. With the help of this offered machine it is easy to make pizza dough base of required diameter and thickness.

Rational Oven - SCC WE61

This type of Combi Oven SCC WE 61 made by RATIONAL is made for variety methods of precooking: baking, roasting and others. This oven easily interchanges even few kitchen heating equipments in commercial kitchens.

Tecnoinox Oven - EFC06M

This offered model of Convection oven made by TECNOINOX is made up specially for baking a variety of pastries, and also for preparing one-piece semi-finished products, dishes of fish, meat and vegetables. With applying of this professional equipment baking process is substantially accelerated, that provides an opportunity to optimize the performance of a professional kitchen.

Electrolux HSG Panini

The HSG Panini Grill is working faster up to 75% as a standard sandwich grill while delivering indescribably delicious results.
In less than a minute HSG Sandwichgrill bakes the finished product crispy . Despite the rapid preparation by the panini grill the sandwich is considerable and heated through to the core.

Tauro Spiral Mixer

It is the most powerful mixer of our range. The double spiral allows to mix big quantity of dough in very short time. It is used mainly in the big automatised industry and the model VE 330 is able to knead up to 3 tons per hour.
The bowl is blocked by a system of electromagnets and the hydraulic control unit controls the head lifting and the descent.

SPM Soft Ice Cream Machine - Sorby 1 & 2

Sorby is a small-size slush machine featuring anelegant design, reliable and long-lasting,assuring perfect taste products. Sorby is the ideal solution for the operators who want to offer slushes, sherbets and cold creams to their customers, but have little space available and a limited demand.

Telme CRM-60 Pasteurizer

Built with high quality materials and components, TELME pasteurizer protect the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients.

Italforni - TSA

This Italforni “Stone”  Italian made  electric conveyor pizza oven, has a refractory stone conveyor belt allowing you to do genuine Stone bake “Thin and Crispy” Italian pizzas.  Unlike gas ovens no Interlock system is required allowing a simple installation. These ovens can be used for cooking other products, not just pizzas, such Tortillas, Bruschetta, Crostini, Pitta bread, Chicken wings etc…

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