Professional Sanitation for Hotels and Restaurants

Professional Sanitation

“Health and safety, previously taken for granted, are now top-of-mind for customers. It’s safe to say that they will demand business facilities be held to higher standards of sanitation and cleanliness than could ever have been imagined.

Now more than ever, it will be critical for restaurants to demonstrate through clear action that they are creating a safe environment for patrons. It’s quite possible that frequent, visible cleaning will be necessary even for seldom-touched restaurant areas that are already clean.

Italia Kitchen Group makes your everyday life safe, healthy, and protected from health-affecting agents, such as bacteria, mildew, smites, smoke, bad smells and viruses.

Here’s some customizable solutions:


The sanitizer and Hygienizing Cabinet allow hygenization as helmets, working clothes, shoes, boots and various other items

It works with the principle of natural gas OZONE and has the following characteristics:

• Made in Italy and n.1 sales in Europe
• Reduced installed power (around 200W)
• Insignificant energy consumption
• No chemical product is required
• No increase in Labor
• Easy Maintenance
• Dimensions 80x65x173 cm”

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The devices in the IKG-AIR line are designed to make the air indoors clean and safe, significantly reducing the presence of inderidated microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds and viruses. To do this IKG-AIR devices make use of UV technology, mounting Philips certified quality lamps in a special aluminum case, which allows excellent reflection of UVC rays inside the device, maximizing effectiveness.

It’s a sterilizer, not an air purifier
Effectively removes unpleasant odors from the environment and fabrics No need for operators or periodic interventions by third parties The internal structure is made of aluminum to improve the reflection of UV radiation
In rooms with frequent air exchange with the outside environment the systems can operate continuously, for example in a shop with frequent public entrance and exit.
Guaranteed 10 years

UVC technology in disinfection

Ultraviolet devices in the C spectrum (UVC) are particularly popular in the field of virus and bacterial disinfection.
The short wavelength ultraviolet lights are in fact able to act on the DNA of these microorganisms creating thymine dimers that cause the death of the cell and prevent viruses and bacteria from reproducing, making them incapable of causing disease.

Recent tests carried out by the National Health commission of the PRC have shown that UVC rays are also effective against COVID-19

We have in production different types of equipment of 60 and 150 and 600 cubic meters per hour. That is, place one of our IKG-AIR 50 in a room of 20 square meters after one hour we would have air sterilization present.


The professional sanitiing kit contaings a series of innovative instrumnets that ensure proper sanitisation during work processes.
The package consist of three products that can be purchased together or separately: the hybrid wheeled washbasin, the electronic hand gel dispenser, and the ozone-based sanitising cabinet

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Social distancing and maximum hygiene become the priorities in our daily lives and in collective catering. We are responding with a new refrigerated cabinet for temperature maintenance.
The drawers with key lock to ensure users privacy and the perfect hygiene.

– Construction in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10
– N, 10 drawers with telescopic guides
– Temperature +4/+10 C
– R290 refrigerant gas
– Digital control system for temperature
– Model with wheels
– Refrigeration by means of ventilated fan
– Dimensions 522x833x1675
– Cooling power at -10 C: 750 W
– Total power: 0,35 W


Automatic touchless liquid dispenser. Extractable and rechargeable tank. Rubber made nozzle.

– Capacity: 1000 ml
– Quantity per use: 0,9 g
– Power supply: 3 batteries 1.5V
– Size 12,5 x 13 x h 27,5 cm


Metal telescopic floor stand with dispenser support

– Metal telescopic floor stand with disponder support
– Touchless Dispenser
– With drip tray
– Size: 36 cm base / adjustable height 130-165 cm

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